Third Party Serving

Third Party Collections Servicing
ASI provides third party collection services to assist our clients with collecting delinquent and charged off accounts receivable. We understand the challenges faced by consumers and offer creditors the financial performance they need while avoiding reputational risks.

Professional Recovery Team
Our team of professional recovery agents are trained to assist customers by providing options for fulfilling their financial obligations. Our 39 years of experience as a third party collection agency has given us the tools and processes for maximizing the potential of our clients delinquent accounts receivable while helping them to protect their brand from headline risk. Our 3rd party collections representatives are highly trained in customer service and applicable laws to help improve the customer experience.

Filling Credit Cycle Gaps
ASI provides the infrastructure, people and expertise to assist creditors with managing accounts receivable at all stages of the credit cycle. We provide a second voice for consumers regarding their delinquent accounts and give some separation from the creditors brand while acting as a third party.  Our highly trained team continually exceeds performance expectations while maintaining compliance with applicable regulations and laws.

High Performance & Compliance Standards
We hold ourselves to the highest performance and compliance standards in the credit and collections industry. Our professional staff continually leads the way in complaint operations, pioneering cutting edge processes and technology without sacrificing financial performance.